Girl Scout Takeover

The long planned visit of the Daisy Girl Scout troop to the Free Farm Stand finally happened yesterday and it was a real blast. Eight giggly, enthusiastic 5-6 year olds girls made the Free Farm Stand a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoyed their help and presence. The day started out as a […]

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday was a glorious crisp sunny winter day with global warming or something thrown in. So temperatures were up there in the mid sixties, perfect Farm Stand weather. I am feeling a bit guilty enjoying this warm dry winter, because I know the garden needs rain; we all need rain, and some of our fruit […]

A Stolen Quote: “Planting Peas and Love-age”

On Friday morning I loaded up the van to drive to the tree planting workshop. I had 13 fruit trees, two wheel barrels, a lot of shovels and picks, a pot of chili, and some other tools and things. I was feeling under the weather with a cold that had come back that week and […]