Loco Local

It was a real fun and crazy last week for me in terms of being immersed in the world of locally grown food.Slow Food Nation Victory Garden across from City HallOn Wednesday morning last week on the way to the civic center farmers market (I still need to buy food unfortunately), I finally dropped by […]

Peak of Summer?

I wonder if we in San Francisco have reached the peak of summer harvest season yet. Certainly the Treat Commons Community Garden is looking pretty green and lush right now. We are getting a lot of scarlet runner beans and the yellow zucchini are producing some squash. Some tomatoes are just starting to turn red. […]

Hooray! Free Farm Stand Goes on Without Me

Hot off the computer…Email from Corinne about the Free Farm StandI am back from my 12 day trip to Peoria and last night Corinne sent me great photos and an email describing yesterday’s farm stand. I am really happy that everything worked out so great! Here is an excerpt from her email:tree,today was a terrific […]